Smashing Magazine

I've been relying on Smashing Magazine for years for inspiration, answers, ideas, trends in color, typography, and design. Oh yes, before we get started, I confess I still love the Oxford comma. I use it in my own writing, however, if I do a project for you and you do not prefer it, I will defer to the client, right after I show the client why I'm old school with the Oxford comma! Back to the subject at hand, Smashing Magazine! It's essentially a great resource for design and development articles, books (physical and digital), industry-event news, and jobs (those looking, and those looking to hire). I highly recommend the site as a regular stop!

Team Treehouse


This free site—and the book I purchased from the site—are my go-to references for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are several, wonderful step-by-step guides to get you up and running. This site's tutorials, techniques, examples, and references have been a favorite for years.


Photos of friends, favorite musicians, and inspirational designs... and my pug in his natural habitat.

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